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The idea was borne through my numerous military deployments that found Soldiers were unable to display their rank on their helmet due to the mandatory wear of the NVD bracket.  In addition to not wearing the rank on the helmet, the rank on the Soldier’s uniform was often times obscured by secondary protective gear.  This subdued device ensures a Soldier/Airman/Marine can be identified while wearing the helmet.

The rank design was tested in a deployed combat environment.  The first designs of the rank were tested to ensure they fit in all NVD brackets and were also tested on their durability and ability to be identified at different ranges.

The subdued design allows the wearer to be identified from ten meters or less and is not readily identified at farther distances in order to eliminate unwanted attention.

I have worked for a long time on producing this product from getting my patent approved all the way to working with the injection mold company to produce a product that works and that Soldiers want.  This product will be an asset to all uniformed military personnel.